Here’s a comprehensive programming Gist List©. Print and use the list at least twice a year.


⌈    ⌋  Is every quarter hour a perfect slice of your musical universe?

⌈    ⌋ Is the tempo and musical style delivering to the listener’s moods and the musical expectation for your product?

⌈    ⌋ Do you have a double-check system to guarantee balance without wasting a lot of time?


⌈    ⌋ Are you giving the stations identification upwards of 20-30 times per hour.(including jingles, imagers, promos, liners, talk breaks, etc)?

⌈     ⌋ Is your on air marketing message driven by your listeners needs?

⌈     ⌋ Is your on air marketing message limited to a single essential subject?

⌈     ⌋ Are your produced promos scheduled, using horizontal and vertical rotations?

⌈     ⌋ Do your recorded and live promos clearly identify your radio station, or have the lines of distinction been blurred with various sponsors?

⌈     ⌋ Is your station identification tied to all of your station benchmarks?

⌈     ⌋ Is your station’s propaganda delivered with enthusiasm and pride?

⌈     ⌋ Does all external marketing match exactly your on air message?

⌈     ⌋ Do you dominate one type of external marketing plan?

⌈     ⌋ Make sure your transmitter and on-line processing is maximized.

⌈     ⌋ What are your ARB share and rank goals?

⌈     ⌋ Do you have goals for each quarter and are they realistic?

⌈     ⌋ Do you know what numbers you need, both cume and TSL, to reach your ARB share goal?

⌈     ⌋ Is your station brand being sold effectively in every single quarter-hour of the day?

⌈     ⌋ Are you wasting branding opportunities?

⌈     ⌋ Are you teasing and recycling all key elements in every daypart throughout the day?

⌈     ⌋ Are you carrying your listeners through every quarter-hour?

⌈     ⌋ Do you have a clear understanding of your 8-10 year target demo cell and which music lifegroup you need to win?


⌈     ⌋ Do your announcers know you are going into a rating period?

⌈     ⌋  Be careful not to over pressurize a rating period. Having fun is a big part of success.

⌈     ⌋ Do your announcers have an updated liner & promotion book for the rotation of their liners and other image statements?

⌈     ⌋ Have all announcers been instructed to plan, condense and deliver?

⌈     ⌋ Does everyone on your staff have the will & desire to win?

⌈     ⌋ Does every member of your air-staff have a second job that assists you and that serves to make them more a part of the station’s success?

⌈     ⌋ Does each player clearly understand the station mission?


⌈     ⌋ Have you taken the time to get out of the office to listen to the radio station?

⌈     ⌋ Is your daily schedule effectively prioritized to accomplish the critical details of your plan?

⌈     ⌋ Have you had enough group and individual meetings with the staff to communicate key steps of the station plan, to delegate, to follow up, to critique performance?

⌈     ⌋ Have you prepared a critical path of steps to completion?

⌈     ⌋ Have you taken the time daily to be aware of all key sources of pop culture (TV, Movies, Radio, Social Media, Print and the Internet)?


⌈     ⌋ Are you giving time mentions frequently in A.M. Drive?

⌈     ⌋ Is the morning show the doorway to introduce all major benefits and events on the radio station?

⌈     ⌋ Do you know your morning position in the market (i.e. are you the nice show, the funny show, or the outrageous show)?

⌈     ⌋ Do all your morning show players understand how they contribute to the show?

⌈     ⌋ Do they all have well-defined roles that they understand?

⌈     ⌋ Do you have vehicles to guarantee listener interaction?

⌈     ⌋ Do you have enough benchmarked features?

⌈     ⌋ Is there enough flexibility for the show to jump on big events?

Are you prepared to have fun?

Important:   Take time off now from your regular duties to analyze and refresh your radio station.   Get away from the station; spend a day listening in a relaxed environment; go home and write; take a day to tighten up sweepers, music, coding and liners.

Remember:  A lot of people have been involved in the mix over the last year.  However, it is your vision that will ultimately drive the station to success.   Focus on bringing all elements back to the center of your vision to achieve convergence.

⌈     ⌋ One other thing: Pretend that you are putting your radio station on for the very first time, and you expect to make an impression immediately.  What would you do differently?

Nielsen – SIP

⌈     ⌋ Have you filled out your Station Information form?

⌈     ⌋ Have you listed your proper slogan I.D with Arbitron?

⌈     ⌋ Have you checked the SIP of competing radio stations?

⌈     ⌋ Are the station calls/and logos standardized and used consistently?

⌈     ⌋ Is the stations frequency tied to the stations call letters or name?