New is one of – if not thee – most powerful words in marketing. Consumers pay more attention when the word is used.  Procter and Gamble as even been known to cosmetically change containers, labels and the scents of products just to use the words “new” and/or “improved.”

When producing any marketing message it’s important to be focused on one (maybe two) product attributes. This is especially true when introducing a new and unknown product or one that has been improved.

That said, it is also important to demonstrate a new or improved products function/benefit. That can be done by comparing a product to an older version of itself (as in the B101 spot in the evolution marketing section) or its competition (as in the KYSR commercial). Without these aids, the consumer will be slower to connect the dots as to how a product has been improved or is a better choice than a competitor.

Below are examples of ‘brand new’ or improved marketing. In situations in which I was involved, an explanation of market conditions is also included.


WNOU FM – Indianapolis

This :30 message was used for just one week by Emmis Communications in Indianapolis when launching the nation’s first “Now” WNOU-FM.

No top-40 station existed in the market as WZPL-FM – the historical top-40 station – had abandoned the format to pursue adult contemporary leader WENS-FM.

To avoid a future competitor from building perceptions for being more contemporary, we named it RadioNow (coined by Dave Shakes).  Until this point in time, no station in the country had used the word ‘now’ as a moniker.

The long-term strategy was first to attract a large audience of teens. As time progressed and while still remaining true to the top-40 format, we rightfully assumed that the parents of these teens would also come into the fold of listenership.

Given that the young demographic target were ‘early adapters,’ meaning they would be quick to spot a new and engaging product, we knew that a very heavy television schedule for just one week would successfully launch the station.

This campaign was used in tandem with a very heavy dose of viral and street-level marketing.

Shortly after RadioNow’s debut in 2000, MTV renamed their news segment MTV “Music News Now” where it then spread  to other network news organizations and is still in use today.

RadioNow continues to be the market leading Top-40 and  has since been able to not only attract a huge teen audience, but also their  advertiser-friendly parents.

Produced by Filmhouse.


WYXB FM – Indianapolis

With long-time Mainstream AC WTPI-FM perceptually known more for its specialty jazz programming than Lite music, WYXB-FM used this commercial with a heavy foundation of listener input to become Indy’s #1 AC.

Produced by IQ Agency.