Humor can be an extremely effective marketing tool. 

This is especially true when you need to soften a tough comparative repositioning message.  That said, the power of any message that creates the intended emotional response is tough to beat.

Below is one of the most watched viral marketing messages of 2016.  It features Taylor Swift on a treadmill. What makes this funny, is that Taylor has somewhat of a princess ‘above it all’ image.  To see an admired icon take a fall, adds to the already funny scenario.

Hats off to Taylor for not taking herself so seriously!

While most would agree that this is very funny. there may be one drawback.  Taylor is more remembered than the product she’s endorsing.  That’s the risk of celebrity endorsement campaigns.

I conducted a very informal poll asking people if they’d seen the video. More than three-quarters of those who recalled the video, thought it was hilarious and could accurately describe it. However, no one could remember that it was actually a commercial for Apple Music.

Humor is like beauty; it all boils down to the eye of the beholder.  For example, the spot below wouldn’t be thought of as being in good-taste (in many parts of the world, including the United States).  However, it was a hit with the station’s young – alternative audience [in Germany].


Motor FM 190

Motor FM – Berlin, Germany