Branding commercials focused on one product attribute, perhaps only mentioning a second, yield better results than those that contain multiple messages.  For music  stations that’s either a message about its music, personalities, a promotion or a specific feature like “All Request Monday’s.” 

However, all to often spots are produced with too many messages.  One such example might be a commercial that dedicates equal time to music, a morning show and contesting. 

If a spot contains too many messages or thoughts, the audience will fail to fully grasp any one concept. In other words, 1+1+1+1 = 0.

Below are a few examples of focused descriptive product brand positioning.

WRRM FM – Cincinnati

produced by Gemini Spots


WENS FM – Indianapolis

produced by IQ Agency


WNAP FM – Indianapolis

produced by The Chuck Blore Co.


Swiffer – Worldwide

It’s always beneficial to study how companies outside our industry market their products.  The above spot was used by Procter & Gamble in 2008.  It’s an excellent example of injecting humor into a descriptive/demonstrative commercial.  It’s entertainment value makes viewers actually want to pay attention to it.