We provide strategic and tactical programming and marketing  advice to broadcast media companies.

Our customized approach begins by getting to know you, your people and the competitive landscape.

Together, we’ll develop a marketing model and battle plan; a focused, step-by-step course of action based on station strengths, developmental opportunities,  performance expectations and resources.

We’ll establish realistic short, medium and long-term goals and create an array of preemptive ‘what if’ scenario-strategies to keep your station(s) from ‘what now’ dilemmas.

Our goal is simple. Create healthy listener-based perceptual profiles through compelling content and a well-positioned products.  We’ll get you the consistently strong ratings and revenue performance you want.

START FM© services menu:

Strategic positioning & planning for your station(s) and select clients.

Tactical campaigns.

Analysis of station and market programming.

Ratings analysis; a micro approach to data interpretation. 

Talent assessment, coaching & recruitment.

Feature development.

Music scheduling, library building & maintenance.

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